Yoked Prism Glasses

Wet Floor SignDid you know that there is a certain type of lens called a yoked prism that can help a wide variety of visual conditions?

We, at Cimarron Family Vision Center, have a long history of using them to enhance therapy or to help treat patients who are unable to go through the regular vision therapy program due to cognitive difficulties or problems complying with the home support requirements.

Yoked prism, when used wisely, can passively provide many of the benefits of vision therapy when a person is not in the therapy room. When these prisms are worn in a pair of glasses, they have the ability to engage the visual attention of a person. They also provide feedback on problems with visual aiming and spatial organization. Another amazing result of wearing the glasses is that they can stimulate changes in the brain to help improve visual, postural, balance, and coordination function. We have also found these lenses to be extremely useful in breaking down patterns that have developed over time to cope with visual conditions so that we can instill new and more efficient patterns of vision.

Some examples of how we have used yoked prisms in the past include:1

  • After effects of traumatic brain injury such as problems navigating through space, feeling clumsy, reaching for objects and knocking them over, balance issues, and motion sickness
  • Problems in sports such as always swinging for the baseball to early or too late, throwing the ball too far to the right or left, tripping for “no reason”, and other general coordination problems
  • Visual issues in people on the autistic spectrum such as problems making eye contact, problems getting “visually stuck” in one location, and problems coordinating their vision with their other senses
  • Balance, gait, and postural issues that were not resolved with a typical vestibular therapy program

For more information on yoked prisms, please go to www.nora.cc

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