Let me begin this letter of thanks by saying that it is my most sincere belief that God does answer prayers. I truly believe that faith allows us to broaden our perspective and this letter will tell you why.

My life began with a very early traumatic brain injury. For decades of my life I learned to live with issues that I had no idea were related to visual processing or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Ordinary tasks like orienting in a store or a parking lot were major events for me. Even walking a straight line was beyond my abilities. The chronic stress of living with the results of early violence pervaded every area of my existence. I had come to accept that fear was something I needed to incorporate into my life.

I have seen more doctors than I could ever count. All but a few told me: “Yes, you are sick but we don’t know how to help you.” Even another optometrist who specialized in vision therapy treated me as someone too damaged to stabilize.

Cimarron Vision Therapy offered interventions that in a few short weeks changed my life. Dr. Amy Thomas is an amazing woman! Her professionalism, flexibility, gentleness, optimism, and gifted perceptions are a wonderful gift to this world which can seem ever so heartless sometimes. Her team is professional, kind, and committed to a greater cause. The respect shown between doctor and her staff is evident.

Although I consider myself articulate, my words fail me in finding the appropriate description for my eternal gratitude. My life is changing and I am becoming more empowered. God has indeed blessed me so richly in my healing and I believe deeply that Cimarron Vision Therapy is doing their best to help the prayers of so many come true. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Susan Hannah