Sports Vision Training

Happy girl with bow and sports aim If you’re ready to dominate in your sport, but feel as though you are at a performance plateau, sports vision training may be exactly what you need to get to the next level.

We understand the importance of healthy vision when it comes to maximizing your performance on the field or on the court. However, even if you have 20/20 or better visual acuity, there is still more that you can do to get the extra edge you need on the field.

Sports vision training is a modified, high-powered form of vision therapy that can improve your visual abilities and take you from a being good athlete to becoming a great athlete in your chosen sport.

1Think about it: You train your muscles with weights in order to make them stronger; you run miles upon miles to build your endurance to go the distance.

So then, why not train your eyes so that you can better keep your eye on the ball, or so that you are more aware of where your team and the opposing team are on the field or court?


Our staff at Cimarron Family Vision Center, will provide you with the opportunity for you to receive the intensive vision training that will give you an edge against your competition.

Little Boy Shooting at GoalThrough the years, we have helped many people enhance their visual skills so they can
perform at their best possible potential. These same skills will help take you to the next level as an athlete. Whether you are a baseball player looking to pick out a fastball from a slider, a quarterback trying to avoid the pass rush, or a goalie wanting to be able to tell an in swinger from an out swinger, your powerful vision may be your best asset, and vision training with Cimarron Family Vision Center is your secret weapon.

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