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Special Frames

Cimarron Family Vision Center would like you to know that we can help you with that special someone in your life. Do you find yourself having problems keeping your baby or child’s glasses on their face, or your child’s frames keep slipping down their nose because they have a wide bridge?

Then Cimarron Family Vision Center would like to show you the solution for that. We would like to introduce you to the Miraflex and Specs4Us Frames!!!!


The Miraflex frame, which is a flexible & safe eyewear that is crafted from a flexible plastic material with no metal parts and hinge-free temples. They are incredibly resilient frames.

miraflexThese frames are not only comfortable, they are also BPA Free, Latex Free, Rubber Free, Hypoallergenic, Anti-Bacterial, and easy to clean.

The frame is completely manufactured out of a single piece of malleable material and it comes with an elastic adjustable band, which will keep the frames snug and centered. The unique light malleable material is designed to adjust to your child’s individual face. Also, the bridge is anatomically designed to fit even the Petite sizes, which makes early eyewear acceptable.


The non-metal components of theses frames will reduce the risk of facial and eye trauma, which increases safety for your baby, your toddler or for those that are active with sports.




Specs4Us would like to introduce to you Erin’s World frames. These specially designed frames are made to accommodate the unique facial features of children and adults with Down Syndrome that have a flat-bridged nose. These frames are made to accommodate and fit those with Down Syndrome, which makes it superior to all current frames.

As seen on: www.huffingtonpost.com

specs for uUnlike other frames, the bridge is adjusted to fit on the unique features of the nose and the temples (a.k.a. arms), that are modified to keep the glasses from constantly slipping. Spec4Us’s mission is to help any child or adult to improve their sight and quality of life by providing custom frames that fit their unique needs.




fluex_3With a pair of Erin’s World frames your loved one will no longer be constrained by their eyeglasses. The innovative design enhances their opportunities to explore the world freely and clearly without having to wear glasses that are too big, uncomfortable and constantly slipping or falling off. These frames are made for their unique needs and features in mind to solve the problems that regular eyeglasses never could.


The websites offer a wide selection of frames. For all available frames, please visit their catalogs at:


(The information and references of Miraflex and Specs4Us is based on their website. If you are wanting more information regarding either frames, please visit their websites at: www.Specs4Us.com and www.miraflexglasses.net)


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