Eye Exams

Welcome to Cimarron Family Vision Center

1We are here to provide the best quality of eye care for all ages. Our eye exam is not just to determine if you need glasses or contact lenses but to check the overall health, comfort, and function of your eyes.

By the time that you leave our office from a regular eye exam, you will know why you have the prescription that you have, what is causing any visual discomfort you may have, the current status of your ocular health, and also what you can do to help your vision in the future. We also have a strong network of professionals that can help diagnose and treat any problems that we encounter that cannot be treated by our team.

Your eyes are windows to the rest of your body. Because of this, eye doctors are one of the first professionals to identify early disease development. At the eye exam in our office, we can check for ocular problems with cholesterol, high or low blood pressure, diet, vascular issues, and other general health problems.

2When setting up an eye exam for a child it is important to have a doctor like ours who is certified in developmental optometry. Pediatric eye exams are important to assure normal development of both the eyes and vision. They are also important in ensuring the best possible potential in academic performance. Our pediatric eye exams are extremely thorough in checking for vision problems that could hinder learning, especially in the areas of reading, writing, and testing in school. Children do not normally complain of vision issues simply because they believe their vision is just like everyone else’s vision. Vision and learning are closely intertwined. In fact, over 80% of what is learned in school is visual in nature. Parents do not always correlate troubles in school with having a vision-related issue that could be helped or fixed relatively easily.

Adult eye exams are needed to continue current prescriptions and to ensure that they are using their eyes as easily as possible in their everyday life. Too often, as adults, we tend to dismiss the comfort of our eyes and have focusing issues or strain often leading to headaches or fatigue at the end of the day.

We live life like this for months or years before we go to get our eyes examined when these issues can be resolved with just a pair of glasses or contacts or even some minor education on how to use our eyes during the day. As adults it is also important to have routine exams to allow early detection of any diseases that could lead to vision loss.


In our office we strive to better your life by providing thorough testing and education about the health and function of your eyes and vision. We are here to help you to literally have a better outlook on life.

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