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Many people are hesitant to come in for vision therapy because they do not realize that the very things that are bothering them can be remedied with what we do. Vision therapy is not something that they have heard of before and is a bit foreign to them. We need Continue Reading

Insurance Coverage

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING INSURANCE COVERAGE   Comprehensive Eye Exams (Annual Eye Exams) We are now taking vision insurance plans for Comprehensive Eye Exams only. We gladly take the following plans: VSP Avesis Davis Vision Spectera Delta Vision by Avesis UHC-Tricare for Military & Veterans Vision Benefits of America (VBA)   Continue Reading

Tucson, AZ Vision Therapy – Amy Thomas, OD, FCOVD

Since 2009, we have helped numerous patients see more clearly and comfortably with careful attention to their specific needs. We have also successfully graduated over 250 patients from Vision Therapy who are now reading, writing, and learning more comfortably and enjoying life more thoroughly.

Miraflex and Specs4Us

Special Frames Cimarron Family Vision Center would like you to know that we can help you with that special someone in your life. Do you find yourself having problems keeping your baby or child’s glasses on their face, or your child’s frames keep slipping down their nose because they have Continue Reading

Yoked Prism Glasses

Did you know that there is a certain type of lens called a yoked prism that can help a wide variety of visual conditions? We, at Cimarron Family Vision Center, have a long history of using them to enhance therapy or to help treat patients who are unable to go Continue Reading

ChromaGen For Reading Disorder & Color Blindness

ChromaGen For Reading Disorder ChromaGen Lenses for Reading Disabilities in Children and Adults Have you or your loved one been struggling with reading difficulties?  Have you been told that you are prohibited from certain employment due to color deficiency?  If so, have you heard of ChromaGen lenses? For a while Continue Reading

Syntonic Phototherapy

Have you ever noticed that you feel more alert when you see the colors of a sunrise and more calm and relaxed when you see the colors of the sunset? Did you know that our bodies were programmed to respond differently to different wavelengths of light? This concept has been Continue Reading